417-Land: Taco Tuesday in Springfield, MO

January 20, 2020
Billy Dove

Every week in Springfield there is a day of celebration, a day of jubilation, one might even say a day of the fiesta. That day is Tuesday, Taco Tuesday.

Over the last few years, Springfield has seen the rise of the taco. Everything from taco trailers and trucks to restaurants running taco specials at least one day a week. So, in the land synonymous with cashew chicken, let’s explore the mighty handheld meal and some of the many options we must enjoy here in the 417!

El Purple Burrito

If you like your tacos west coast style, then El Purple Burrito is right up your alley. They are serving everything from carne asada tacos to my favorite, the fish tacos. Plus, if you’re looking for that taco Tuesday deal, look no further. On Tuesday’s they are running a special, 4 tacos and a medium drink for $5. This special is offered at the location of South Campbell St in Springfield and at the Ozark location.

Team Taco

Team Taco opened its brick and mortar location on August 6th, 2019 on Cherry Street, in the Rountree neighborhood. The culinary kings here are putting out tacos that are almost too pretty to eat! They have a simple and straight forward menu (sometimes less is more!), offering just five different types of tacos, plus a rotating taco named ” The Ringer”. The Ringer changes from week to week and features unique ingredients such as The Pineapple Pig. a taco filled with pork shoulder, fried pineapple, house-made Verde sauce, and pickled onions. So, head in, grab some tacos and enjoy their great outside seating area next time you have that taco craving!

The Press Coffee & Juice Bar

Options are the name of the game at The Press when it comes to tacos. Their street tacos menu lets you fully customize your meal from start to finish. You can choose a crunchy, soft or lettuce wrap for the shell. Fill the shell with everything from Bulgogi to tofu and even vegan beef. Then top it off with green mix, pico de gallo, cilantro and a lime wedge. Needing that extra kick on top? Add some the spicy goji sauce to your taco for some added heat! Plus, they run a taco Tuesday special every week. From 2 pm-4 pm every Tuesday, tacos are $2.25 apiece!

Elotes Don Tono’s

The rise of the food trucks and trailers has not been lost on Springfield. Got that craving for a taco but want authenticity? Look no further than the red food trailer located on S Glenstone. Don Tono’s Mexican food has some delicious street tacos that pack a lot of flavors. These tacos come topped with only tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, all though they do also offer pico de gallo as well. Remember when I mentioned authenticity earlier? Well if you want it, they got it! You can choose some of your standard fillings like carnitas, barbacoa or al pastor. But you can also get them with tripe (small intestine of usually beef) or Lengua (beef tongue).

Tacos el Gordo

Let’s keep this authenticity train a rolling, shall we? Tacos el Gordo currently has two locations in Springfield. One is on North National Ave and the second and newest location is on South Campbell. They are offering a whopping 11 different types of meat to fill their corn taco shells with! They too bring a simple taco that packs a large punch in flavor. Topped with simply onions and cilantro and your choice of sauce from their buffet of options. Looking for that taco deal through the week? Tacos el Gordo has $1 tacos every Monday and Thursday. So, go ahead and load up, because these tacos are some of the best in the 417!

Billy Dove

Owner @ 417Foodist

Billy is a food blogger and creator of 417 foodist on Instagram and Facebook. He showcases local restaurants from Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas in the 417 area code.