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Future Hospitality

Impactful brand experiences that drive sustainable growth, happier guests, and inspired staff. A book published by Longitude° and written by Jeremy Wells.

Released in April 2020.

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A Brand Worth Booking

Independently owned hotels face many hurdles that “big chain hotels” do not. For this reason, it’s important to understand how you can leverage a brand strategy to shift the court in your favor. “A Brand Worth Booking” is a stepping stone for getting you on the right path toward building a profitable reputation for your hotel.

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7-Figure Restaurant

Avoid the “mom-and-pop” approach and build an elite & profitable restaurant. This book will teach you how to experience unhindered growth toward your goal of building a 7-Figure restaurant.

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Made from Scratch

In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know to start your restaurant. You could be missing vital steps that all successful restaurant owners need to consider before opening their doors.

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The Business of Branding

You’re pouring your life into your business. You deserve the tools to make a great first impression, attract more customers, and beat your competition. Understand the basics of branding, and how to leverage it effectively to build a profitable brand.

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Private Hotelier Group

When starting and running a hotel, especially a boutique hotel, there are plenty of unique challenges and problems you will face. You need the right tools, strategies, and support for the best chance at success.

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