Why Invest In A Good Logo?

February 8, 2016
Dustin Myers

Does your logo affect the success of your business?

Have you ever read a headline that you couldn’t help but click on? The internet is filled with billions of articles. Which ones do you read? You read the articles that are in front of you with a headline that grabs you. I’m sure there have been extremely helpful posts that I have completely skipped over because the headline didn’t compel me to read it. As a writer, being able to capture someone’s attention through a headline is an invaluable skill. Only after that, can they benefit from the content the article has to offer.

Your logo is similar to a headline. A good logo will capture the interest of a potential customer so that you get the opportunity deliver what they want.

Nearly every one of your potential customers will see your logo before they see your product, your building, your website or anything else about you. A good logo has the ability to create trust and interest and give you the chance to prove yourself worthy of their business. If your logo doesn’t accurately represent who you are, then you need a new logo.

When you consider deciding on how much to spend on your logo, consider the costs of what your logo will be on.

Example of a Mid-Sized Restaurant:

  • Exterior signage $1,000s
  • Apparel: $1,000s
  • Menus and Collateral: $1,000s
  • Website: $1,000s
  • …The list could go on forever

The point is, your logo will be applied to tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials. Spend time up front making sure that what you are going to invest money into for years represents you accurately. Think about the thousands of people that are going to see your logo and decide whether to keep moving, or take a closer look. As with a headline on the web, your logo will be the first impression and influence that decision.

Before a customer tries your product, before they experience your customer service, before they enter your building, they will see your logo. They will begin to form their opinion about your quality and who you are based on that.

The Long-Term Return on Investment

A good logo is a worth getting right because of the lifespan of the investment. So many other things that a business has to spend money on are only valuable for a short amount of time. You can spend thousands printing menus that will have to be changed in six months. You will spend thousands on a website that will be outdated in 3-5 years. You may spend thousands on rent that will last you one month. The great thing about investing in your logo is that it will last the life of your company.

Longitude is passionate about helping brands craft an accurate, creative and consistent visual identity that will serve them for decades to come. Of all the types of design work, nothing is more fun and fulfilling than creating a logo that will serve a company for years to come.

Does your logo accurately, creatively and consistently represent who you are? Does it capture the interest of your potential customers, or do they just keep going?

Dustin Myers

Partner, Longitude°

Dustin started the company that would become Longitude°. With a deep focus in creating the methodology and processes that would become known as BrandGPS™. He is always striving to find ways to bring value to those around him and passionately focused on helping solve extremely complex brand challenges.