Rebranding VS Brand Refresh: Which One Should You Consider?

July 27, 2016
Dustin Myers

Post originally appeared on Foodable.TV

As we understand the importance of how your brand identity affects potential customers, you’re probably wondering if it’s time for an update. Let’s look at the difference in rebranding versus a brand refresh and consider if either is necessary for growing your brand.

What Is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a process of redesigning elements of the brand identity in order to realign your messaging and perception. This can include a new name, logo redesign, new colors, new messaging, and other core changes to the brand identity. Rebranding is not something that should be done often or with little care. However, when necessary, it can be a vital step in moving forward.

When Is Rebranding Needed?

Name change. A name change is a significant redirection in the life of a brand. If you are changing the name, there are probably strategic reasons for doing so. Redesigning the brand elements will be necessary in order to properly communicate the new direction and positioning.

Ownership change. Are there bad associations lingering from previous ownership or management? If so, a rebranding effort can be very effective in resetting expectations and perceptions. New ownership can bring a lot of new changes and improvements, and the public needs to know that things are different.

Repositioning. Has your restaurant changed its focus? We’ve seen the positioning of restaurants adapt and evolve through the years. If your brand design elements were intended to communicate something that no longer defines your focus, you may need to rebrand.

What Is a Brand Refresh?

A brand refresh is a process of updating the elements of the identity. This process is less drastic than rebranding. This is a visual update to better communicate your positioning and not a strategic change. A successful brand refresh will retain the elements that are working and update the areas that are not.Continue Reading at Foodable.TV

Dustin Myers

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