Glossary of Terms

There can be a lot of confusion around branding. We have created a glossary of terms as we understand them to create clarity in understanding as well as consistency.


Your reputation. How you’re perceived by your customers, team members, and potential customers. (determined by how you look, what you say, and what you do)

The actions, intentional or unintentional, that contributes to your reputation.

The collective visual elements that represent your brand such as logo, colors, patterns, image style, font style, etc.

The unique position or point of differentiation that you occupy in the marketplace as understood by your customers.

An actionable, repeatable game plan for building the correct perceptions in your customers’ minds.

Brand Touchpoint

Any interaction or point of contact between your business and your customer. This can include the website, building, signage, telephone calls, emails, social media posts, video, printed material, invoice, in-person conversations and more.


The primary visual representation of your brand..

Strategic Communication

Not telling people what you do, but telling people how what you do makes their life better.