Brand Strategy

What does “strategy-first” mean?

Before jumping to the design, we are going to analyze the strategy first. What makes Longitude different from any other design studio out there? We love great design, we just define it differently than other agencies. We see design as a visual tool used to communicate a message.  That message is what connects you with your audience. Connecting with your audience increases your bottom line. Great design starts with the right strategy.

Why work with Longitude?

At Longitude° we’re not your typical agency. We’re the creators of BrandGPS™ – a guided process to help you make smarter decisions toward building the brand you want.

  • We take a strategy-first approach because your brand is more than just a pretty logo.
  • As your partners, we believe in providing value, not just a service.
  • We are more interested in helping you reach your business goals than asking what fonts and colors you like.

Maybe you’ve worked with consultants, marketing companies, or designers in the past and felt like they didn’t understand your vision. Maybe they just seemed interested in creating art and not solving real business problems.

Do you have a well-defined brand strategy?

As a business owner, it is so easy to get buried in the day to day tasks and lose sight of the big picture.

Your brand is your reputation.

Here are some questions that will help you know.

  • Do you understand why your customers choose you over the competition?
  • Do you have clearly articulated brand values?
  • Does everyone working in your business share a common goal?
  • Do you know which competitor is taking money out of your pocket? Why?
  • Have you analyzed your competitors’ brands?
  • Do you know how you’re perceived in the community?
  • Have you ever surveyed your customers?
  • Are your brand visuals consistent on signage, business cards, and marketing material?
  • Can you clearly communicate the reason customers should choose you over the competition?
  • Do you feel like your marketing efforts are all over the place and ineffective?
  • Could you answer the “why” behind what you do?
  • Do your customers understand the true value that your business provides?
  • Are you consistent with your brand and messaging touchpoints?
  • What is the one thing that makes you better than your competition? Do your customers know this? Does your team know this?
  • Have you determined your brand values?
  • Are you clear on the personality of your brand?
  • Is your brand first or best in anything?
  • Do you know who your ideal customer is?
  • Have you ever done an internal brand audit?
  • Do your customers perceive your brand as larger or smaller than it really is?
  • Do you have a brand standards manual?

If your answers were “No” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, your brand is not as strong as it could be.

The Longitude Branding Process will help you understand these questions and have the right answers. If your business goes through the process, will uncover your authentic essence, figure out how to relate that to your audience