Branding: It’s More Than Just a Logo

What is Branding?

If you ask ten people the question, “what is branding?” you’ll get ten completely different answers. It’s important to understand what branding is, and how to leverage it effectively. Doing so will allow you to unlock the incredible potential for your business.

Simply put – your ”brand” is your reputation. It’s how you’re perceived.

“Branding” is the actions that build the connection between you and your customer.

As your partner, Longitude° understands that you’re pouring your life into your work. You need the right look and a clear message to make a great first impression, attract more customers, and beat your competition. This is why we created BrandGPS™ – a proven process to help you grow your business and build the reputation you want.


What is BrandGPS?

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BrandGPS is for smart leaders who aren’t afraid to take the road less traveled to improve the way they do business. It’s for those who understand the importance of their brand in helping them make their vision a reality.

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For Mature Businesses

  • You’ve hit a plateau.
  • You don’t want to waste money.
  • You want to make sure you communicate effectively.
  • You want to be more consistent in your branding.
  • You experience an uphill battle with every marketing effort.
  • You want your team to be aligned with the vision for your brand.

For Start-up Businesses

  • You can’t clearly articulate your product or service.
  • You don’t have clearly defined brand standards.
  • You want a strong foundation before investing in marketing.
  • You want to avoid costly mistakes.
  • You want the highest chance of success for your business.



The Success of Our Past Clients

These businesses have trusted our process, and are now reaping the benefits of developing a strategic brand.


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Local Kombucha Brewery Communication Strategy & Brand Design

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Fast-Casual Indian Branding Brand Identity Design

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You Deserve a Better Brand

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