BrandGPS® Process

As your partner, Longitude° understands that you’re pouring your life into your work. You need the right look and a clear message to make a great first impression, attract more customers, and beat your competition. This is why we created BrandGPS® – a proven process to help you grow your business and build the reputation you want.

Why is BrandGPS® Important?

Most business owners struggle to explain the value that their product or service provides. This often results in wasted time and money, frustrations, and stagnated growth for their business. BrandGPS® is a comprehensive process that we’ve developed to help you better communicate what it is you do, why you do it, and most of all – why it matters to your customers.

Building a profitable brand for your business starts with a clear strategy

Our process is different than your typical design or branding agency. We don’t simply decorate your business. Instead, we help you transform your brand and give you a game plan for continual growth and implementation.

The simplest way to understand how to build an elite brand is to understand that first, your brand isn’t a logo, pretty fonts or colors – it’s your reputation. It’s how you’re perceived by your customers, team members, and the general public. Your brand is determined by how you look, what you say, and what you do.

When this is understood, you quickly realize that a strategic brand not only effects your marketing and design but also greatly influences how you operate your restaurant. When your brand is developed properly, you have the tools and understanding to align all of your customer touchpoints with your brand strategy at the core.

What is BrandGPS®?

BrandGPS®is a comprehensive process involving research, audits, workshops, and surveys – all centered around helping you better communicate what it is you do, why you do it, and most of all – why it matters to your customers.

One reason that BrandGPS® is so valuable is that it gives your identity a purpose beyond just looking pretty. Great design paired with great strategy is a recipe for growth and success in business. This proven process will give you the tools to bring alignment to your words, actions, and visuals. It’s a process which marries your marketing to your operations, equipping you to be more consistent in everything your restaurant does.

When your operations and marketing are in complete alignment, your organization will flourish and the results can be astounding.

The Workshop

The BrandGPS® Workshop is a 2-day intensive workshop with your team. During this time, we’ll dive deep into building out a firm foundation for your business to build upon. The outcome of this workshop will give you tons of tools and ammunition to improve your marketing, operations, team culture, and more.

Here are some of the steps that are involved:

  1. Team Alignment. The first step in the workshop is ensuring your entire team is on-board and understands why this process is so valuable and the impact it can make on your business. We’ll cover some groundwork that will help build the foundation for the workshop and set the tone for the day.
  2. Finding Your “Why”. Next, we uncover your team’s motivations behind developing a more strategic brand plan. Having your “why” clearly stated helps you and your team to stay motivated in helping build out an elite brand for your organization.
  3. Defining Guiding Principles. If everything is important, then nothing is. As a brand, there must be a small handful of values or principles that you and your team are committed to. This isn’t to say that other values aren’t important, but your team must make a decision on which specific principles you will be led by, and what those mean on an individual level and as a team.
  4. Brand Personality. What sort of feelings and emotions do you want your brand to transmit to your audience? What tone will you use in your messaging, marketing, and throughout all of your customer touchpoints? Having a clear idea of your brand’s personality is a vital step to help create consistency and being intentional about building a reputation you want.
  5. Brand Positioning Strategy & Competitive Review. What makes you different, unique, or special? This is where many businesses fall short. Too often, businesses try to focus on doing what everyone else is doing. Many of our clients may not know exactly what makes them unique, and it requires some guidance to help them find or create a differentiation that will help them stand out.
  6. Understanding Your Customers. If you don’t know exactly who you’re talking to, how do you know what to say? During this step, we help you create customer profiles around your ideal customer. Who are they? What are their concerns? fears? goals? Getting into the mind of your customer is important in order to craft messages that will resonate with them.
  7. Brand Promise. A brand promise is a commitment that you make to your customers regarding the experience and value they should expect to get every time they interact with your brand. When your company can deliver on this promise, your brand’s value will increase in the mind of your customers and your employees.
  8. Brand Messaging. After defining who your customer is, why your organization is unique, the personality, and guiding principles of your organization, we begin helping you craft a message that is short, sweet, and easy to understand.
  9. Brand Experience. During this stage, we create a strategy for pre-visit, during visit, and post-visit experience for your business. This is an integral step that leads to more positive brand experience for your guests, and better processes in place to train your staff to engage your customers at every touch point.
  10. Naming Strategy. For businesses that don’t already have a name for their brand, this is a fun and challenging step. Using our naming strategy process, we’ll help you create a name that is memorable, matches your brand strategy, will stand the test of time, and be trademarkable.
  11. Positioning, Communication, Adherence Game Plan. Where do your customers hang out or what interests do they have? How can you keep your position in the forefront of their minds? How will you keep your team engaged and consistent in presenting your brand to the market? Spending your marketing and advertising budget can be a huge waste if you’re not spending it intentionally. This is why the communication game plan step is important. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas of how, where, and when to promote your product or brand with more deliberate thought.

BrandGPS® Customers

Going through the BrandGPS® workshop is said to be one of the most important decisions that a business owner can make, according to our past customers. Find out why by watching these videos below.

Quotes from past clients:

I couldn’t see myself starting another business without going through BrandGPS®

It’s a step that you should not skip.

It was invaluable. This is the best money that we have spent on our business.

Read more testimonials here.

It’s quite clear that BrandGPS® is a step that you should not skip. Find out more by contacting us at