UK Indian BBQ Joint Restaurant Rebrand

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Shahi Nan BBQ

Longitude° partnered with a marketing firm in the UK to bring a new fresh look to an iconic restaurant in London. The restaurant brand design was needing an overhaul to help them launch into more locations and have a memorable look that told their story. Originally located on the Southall Bridge in London, Shahi Nan became a tradition for many commuters. Having moved to a new location and opened several more, they wanted to make sure that people knew that this was the same great kebab shop that they knew from the bridge. Our goal was to refresh and refocus the brand design while fully embracing nostalgia.

Every detail of the redesign was inspired by the vintage London railroad. We wanted it to look like something you might have seen stenciled onto the side of a shipping container. The typeface is TW CEN MT is based on the signage found in the rail system.