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Northwest Arkansas Campground and Trading Post


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JB Trading Co

JB Trading Co is located in Compton, Arkansas, in the Upper Buffalo River area. The store and campground serve as a basecamp for many adventurers in the region. JB’s is known for its premium quality brands in the store and bathhouse and facilities that might just be nicer than what you have at home. The platform tent, primitive sites, and RV pads, make it the perfect place to stay for many.

Longitude° was brought in to help bring some consistency to the marketing efforts and help reach a new audience with the brand. We were honored to be part of this project and came in with a respect for the past and what Jeff has built up to this point. The JB Trading Co stickers are free to people in the store and you’ll often find them on the back of vehicles throughout the surrounding areas. When a brand already has that level of loyalty, we want to tread lightly in how we change things. Our mission was to help solidify what Jeff had already been building and develop a set of visuals that would help support it.

JB Trading Co. Film

The first step was to spend a weekend at the campground and explore the area to get a better feel for the store and understand how to best tell the story. The BrandGPS™ workshop was conducted in one of the platform tents. (a first for Longitude°)

Throughout the process, we developed a clear brand strategy that builds on what Jeff had already been doing. From there, we began the design process and developed a set of visuals that could carry the brand forward.