Marea Sol

Elegant Oceanside Boutique Hotel in Santa Cruz, CA


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Marea Sol

Marea Sol is a new boutique hotel opening in Santa Cruz, CA in 2022. The team behind Marea Sol aims to create an excellent guest experience for all travelers who appreciate elegant design, thoughtful amenities, and attentive service. Guests are only steps away from the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, with breathtaking oceanside views that are the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Longitude° was invited to bring this new brand to life, and create something that was unexpected in the market. From the strategy and messaging to the name and brand identity, we wanted to create something thoughtful and unique, and avoid the “cliché beachfront” hotel style.

We saw that many oceanfront concepts lean into the words like “ocean”, “beach”, “sands”, etc. Many brands use colors of the ocean – blues and greens. In order to stand out, we went a different direction which feels more classy, luxurious, yet approachable.