Lodge at Marconi

A Lodge Reimagined, Tomales Bay California


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Oliver Hospitality

Oliver Hospitality Management is the team behind the multi-million dollar overhaul of the Lodge at Marconi in Marshall, CA. The project involves renovating 40 hotel rooms, historic cottages, restaurant spaces, and event venues. This generationally impactful project is set against Marconi Historic State Park’s 62-acre backdrop and includes plans for a spa and wellness facility.

Longitude was enlisted by OHM to reimagine the Lodge’s identity. The agency began with a comprehensive discovery phase, site visit, and strategy workshops in collaboration with the OHM team. The local area, particularly the Tomales Bay region, was explored to inform the brand’s contextual nuances.

This case study delves into the outcomes of this collaborative effort, spotlighting a brand identity system that respects the Lodge’s history while embracing its exciting future.

Leveraging the new identity system, Longitude extended its creative touch to produce a diverse range of engaging brand collateral, captivating OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment), and impactful signage for the Lodge at Marconi. Each piece reflects the essence of the reimagined brand, contributing to a cohesive and immersive environment at the property.

The collaboration between Oliver Hospitality Management and Longitude yielded a remarkable transformation for the Lodge at Marconi. The marriage of strategic insight and creative finesse has revitalized the property’s identity and set the stage for a dynamic and welcoming hospitality experience.

As the Lodge at Marconi stands poised at the intersection of its storied past and promising future, the outcomes showcased in this case study represent not just a rebranding endeavor but a testament to the power of thoughtful design in redefining the essence of a place.

It was an honor to partner with the team at Oliver Hospitality to bring the project to life. The rich history of this property and idyllic setting provided layers of inspiration.

Dustin Myers, Partner, Longitude°

Longitude is honored to have been part of this journey, and we look forward to witnessing the Lodge at Marconi thrive in its renewed narrative, captivating visitors with its unique blend of history and contemporary charm.