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Casa Grande Mexican Kitchen

Casa Grande is a well established Mexican restaurant located in a small town called Poplar Bluff, MO. The owners of Casa Grande wanted to rebrand their restaurant to improve perceptions and position themselves properly in a competitive market. Despite the size of the town, there is a large number of Mexican restaurants to choose from. In fact, within 1 mile of their restaurant, there are 5 other Mexican restaurants.

Longitude was asked to help bring new, and vibrant life to their outdated brand. Consistency and brand alignment was important to them as well. We create a full brand identity, brand pattern, and also helped them improve their food photography for popular menu items.

Prior to working with our team, Casa Grande had a lot of brand confusion happening. Depending on where you saw their brand you may have seen various iterations of their identity. They had one version on their signage, another on their menu, and yet another on their social media pages.

Our goal was to help bring alignment to their identity and help them continually implement it in a consistent way.