Longitude° Brand Communication Workshop

Your ability to thrive as a business begins with how well you can communicate with potential customers. You don’t have to be better than the competition, you just have to communicate better. By defining your brand strategy, your entire team can begin working toward the same goal.

Without a clear brand strategy, your communication and marketing will be disjointed, diluted, and confusing. Knowing your brand strategy will affect every aspect of your business.

The Longitude° Brand Communication Workshop is an on-site, interactive workshop with your team that brings clarity for your brand. It lays the foundation for how you want to be perceived, understanding what problems your customers face, how to position your brand is the answer to that problem, and how you can communicate that clearly and consistently.


Workshop Includes:

• Baseline Brainstorming

• Brand Values – Character Traits

• Brand Values – Personality Traits

• Understanding Your Customer

• Brand Promise

• Brand Message

• Competitive Review

• Positioning Statement

• Position Supporting Actions

• Customer Surveys*

• Brand Communication Handbook

*not included in the Startup Workshop


Established Business $4k

Startup Business $2.5k


Interested in learning more? Email dustin@longitudedesign.com