Why Invest In Your Brand?

Maybe you’re looking to start a business and are wondering how to approach the brand aspect of the business. Or maybe you’ve been in business for a long time but know that there are weaknesses in your brand that are costing you money.

Your brand is a vital element of the success of your business. Investing money and energy into something requires an understanding of what is to be gained. Based on past experiences, I have collected the answers to the following questions.

What return on investment will this bring?

  • Having a framework so that every dollar you spend on marketing follows a clear strategy.
  • Having verbal and visual design tools that will connect with the heart of your potential customer and clearly communicate how you help them.
  • Having the understanding to be able to own your position in the marketplace.

How will this impact the organization?

  • Bring understanding and alignment among your team to work toward a common goal.
  • Create clarity so that your brand can be communicated properly and consistently.
  • Grant access to the powerful brand strategy for everyone in the organization. Instead of this being vaguely understood only in the owner’s mind.
  • Prevent you from wasting money with unclear or scattered marketing.
  • Change the team’s mindset on the power of branding and help them become brand ambassadors.
  • Define action steps required to build the reputation you want.

This is an important investment for your business because:

  • Without the brand core, you will waste a lot of time, energy, and money reinventing the wheel with each marketing effort.
  • Without a clear brand strategy, everyone on your team will be pulling in different directions.
  • Without a strong visual design, potential customers will not notice you, connect with you, or give you the chance to earn their business.
  • Without a strong brand strategy, your team will have difficulty communicating consistently. Everyone will have to wing it every time and potentially miss out on a lot of sales.
  • You may be blowing a lot of first impressions with a subpar visual presentation.
  • There may be misconceptions about what you actually provide which leaves  a lot of money on the table.
  • Your unclear messaging may confuse and send a customer to the arms of your competition.
  • You may be fruitlessly fighting for a position that you could never own. Not noticing there’s a huge hole in the marketplace that you could claim.
  • You may be spending your money marketing a message that you customers don’t care about.