SpedTrack Logo & Branding Redesign




Brand Identity Development
Logo Redesign
Tradeshow Display

Project Overview

SpedTrack is a software company for special education tracking. Their software is used by schools all across the midwest. Planning for a big push for growth, they knew they needed to take their visual identity to the next level.  The needed to give the entire brand a face-lift that is more reflective of the cutting-edge technology and commitment to customer support.  Their competitors are way behind on visual design, so the potential value for an accurate, creative and consistent brand identity was great.


The current logo needed help. Many people would come up at a trade show and ask “What is Speed Rack?” among other things.  The logo was not easily legible and the clock concept was based on a feature that was no longer part of their competitive advantage.   We wanted to design a new logo that would retain some similarity to their current logo, but be extremely simple and easy-to-read.


After exploring many different directions, we decided to keep the aspect of the arrow but in a simplified and professional way. The arrow helps to illustrate “tracking,” forward-thinking and computer software.


We created a system of intersection shapes based on the logo that can be used on collateral and reinforce the new identity.


The goal was to create a set of brand design elements that would be the foundation for all future marketing and design. With icons, image style and consistent typography the elements of the brand come together to be applicable to all mediums.


"Dustin did a good job listening to our needs and understanding how we wanted to modernize our brand. We were very pleased with what he delivered and are working on an implementation plan for the new branding now. Dustin is also just a great guy to work with."

John Alexander, CEO