Chicago Jumbo Slice Pizza 8-Location Franchise

Restaurant Branding Design


Slice Factory


Brand Communication Strategy
Brand Promise
Positioning Statement
Ideal Customer Profiles
Visual Design
Logo Redesign
Brand Pattern Design
Visual Brand Guidelines

Project Overview

Slice Factory is a young and growing pizza franchise in the Chicago area. Knowing that things were ready to be taken to the next level, Longitude° was brought in to help refine the brand strategy and visual design.

One of the primary goals was to give the brand a new look that would instill trust and excitement with potential franchisees. During the competitive review and other aspects of the workshop, we discovered a big opportunity in how to differentiate the brand. Since all of the competitors were trying to claim the same position, we took a different approach and went straight for the true needs of their customer. “Jumbo Slice For Your Busy Life” is the mantra that will inform everything they do from customer interactions, to marketing communications, and more.

Large Logo Design For Slice Factory
Brand Visual Design Logos for Pizza Restaurant in Chicago
Graphic Elements For Pizza Branding By Longitude° Brand Design
Restaurant Pattern Design by Longitude°
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