Longitude° Brand Partner Program

Most businesses end up wasting a lot of time and money because of some simple, common branding mistakes. By taking the wrong approach to their brand, they create the cloud of confusion. Brands in the cloud of confusion cannot communicate clearly, connect with potential customers or reach their full potential.

Longitude° equips brands to:

• Define & articulate the right message to the right people

• Use design as a tool to communicate clearly

• Provide brand guidelines to maintain clarity and consistency

• Avoid costly mistakes in their business


What does Longitude° provide?

• The Longitude° Brand Communication Workshop

• The Longitude° Visual Design Package


The Longitude° Partner Program is available to select service providers who offer complementary services and want to see their customers have the tools to succeed. Once a member, you will receive compensation for referrals.

Why partner with Longitude° over someone else?

• The expertise and focus in the food industry

• The straight-forward approach to pricing and deliverables


Interested in becoming a partner? Email dustin@longitudedesign.com