As your partner, Longitude° understands that you’re pouring your life into your work. You need the right look and a clear message to make a great first impression, attract more customers, and beat your competition. This is why we created BrandGPS™ – a proven process to help you grow your business and build the reputation you want.

What is BrandGPS™?

Most business owners struggle to explain the value that their product or service provides. This often results in wasted time and money, frustrations, and stagnated growth for their business. BrandGPS™ is a comprehensive process that we’ve developed to help you better communicate what it is you do, why you do it, and most of all – why it matters to your customers.

Strategy-first Brand Identity Design

One reason that BrandGPS™ is so valuable is that it gives your identity a purpose beyond just looking pretty. Great design paired with great strategy is a recipe for growth and success in business.

Branding Guidelines Handbook

The outcome of BrandGPS™ paired with a comprehensive brand identity design process provides our customers with robust guidelines to help them maintain a consistent brand.


Here’s what BrandGPS™ customers are saying


I couldn’t see myself starting another business without going through BrandGPS™

[BrandGPS™] is a step that you should not skip.

It was invaluable. This is the best money that we have spent on our business.


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