Benefits of Working With A Small Studio

by Dustin Myers on February 1, 2016

In working in differing settings, I’ve seen the pros and cons of different types of agencies. In this post, I will share some of the benefits a client will receive when working with a smaller studio.

1. Better Communication

In working with the smaller studio, there are fewer people which the message has to travel through. One thing that can be tough in a larger agency is having 10 different people trying to decipher the message and get back to you.  When working with the smaller studio, you would probably be talking directly to the person doing the work and there is much less chance for misinterpretation. In a large agency, you may be passed around from department to department. The salesperson promises you everything, and the account manager comes in with his or her own interpretation, then working with multiple designers — it can be more difficult to communicate.

2. Quicker Turnaround

The more rungs there are on the ladder, the longer it takes to get things done. When you’re communicating directly with the person you’re working with, you  can get much quicker responses and get to the right solutions in less time.

3. Power of Contractors

One of the most powerful aspects of a small studio is that you can scale a project based on the exact needs of the client. This means keeping lower overhead while utilizing the most qualified talent for a specific task. Sometimes there may be a need for a certain illustration style that is suited to someone who’s practiced that for years. Instead of trying to keep a full-time team with expertise in every area, it is much easier and much more economical to bring in the experts needed for certain tasks on certain projects.

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4. More Specialized

If you were looking for a very specific design solution in a specific niche, it would be much easier to find a small studio that can only focuses on that than a large agency with that same specialty. Specialization is what has made this global economy explode in the last few centuries. When everyone is able to focus on what they do best and depend on others for everything else, the quality of work we can produce becomes so much greater.

Some of the best design work in the world has come from studios with one to five people.

5. Quality Experience

Because of the more specialized skills and the better communication, working with a small studio can be very effective.

Instead of looking for a large group of people who are good at a lot of things, you can find a small group of people who are really good at exactly what you need. This will save you money and time and lead to an overall great experience.


Have you experienced working with the small design studio or a large agency? What were some of your takeaways in both of those situations?



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