6-Point Brand Evaluation (BBB Special Offer)

Your brand is the most valuable asset in your company. Because your brand is your reputation.

What are you doing to cultivate the right reputation?  Unfortunately, most small businesses start off with the wrong approach. This causes a lot of wasted time and money. Letting your brand float downstream is common, but not acceptable if you’re going to move forward in the marketplace.

There are some key mistakes that most small businesses make with their brand. I’ve had the privilege to coach companies all over the world to understand those mistakes and avoid making them.


You should consider a brand evaluation if:

  • Your marketing dollars don’t seem to be effective.
  • You feel like you have to reinvent the wheel with each new marketing campaign.
  • You have a good offering, but are not reaching your full potential.
  • You cannot clearly communicate what makes you better than your competition.
  • You have never spent time developing messaging that clearly articulates your value and cuts through the noise.
  • There is confusion within your team on how to communicate the value your offer.
  • Your visual design has become disjointed and inconsistent.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, your brand is probably in the cloud of confusion. If so, the best thing you can do is pause and evaluate. Longitude° has worked with brands all over the world to help them develop and refine their brand.


What will the evaluation include? 

  • Brand Messaging Review
  • Visual Design Analysis
  • Touchpoint Consistency Analysis
  • Online Reputation Review
  • Brand Evaluation Report (with recommendations)
  • Video Report Presentation

There are likely areas of your brand that need some attention in order for you to grow. Make 2018 the year you take control of your brand.



The Brand Building Blueprint Special Offer:

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